The Urban Rehab Recovery System

Urbans system  uses Chinese medicine to reverse-engineer drug highs and also by analyzing why and how nutritional supplements, a healthy diet, therapeutic exercise, weight-lifting, martial arts, meditation, tai-chi, and yoga make you feel good. It all comes down to ‘chi’, to building chi and making chi move. Urban extracted the most powerful aspect of each of those modalities and combined them to create an awesome and enjoyable recovery experience.

Recreational drugs create symptoms because they hijack your body’s internal energy (chi) resources to deliver the highs. But your internal resources are limited. This is why you keep needing more drugs to get the same results. It is also why the symptoms arise. The solution is simple: reverse the input / output ratio by putting more chi or energy in than you use up. This is the basis for extreme wellbeing, success, and happiness.

Don’t focus on the emotional, focus on the physical. Focussing on the mental issues in recovery, is like trying to fix the screen of your computer when the problem is software, it will go nowhere.  Urbans system goes straight to the backend, it uses five strategies to increase your energy or ‘chi’ input. These include orthomolecular therapy (vitamin therapy), a medicinal diet, cognitive embodiment (the use of specific postures to delete negative emotions and cravings), acupuncture and remedial massage, Chinese herbal formulas, my Chi Cycle therapeutic lifestyle (to imprint new habits and cycles over the old) and strategies to keep you moving purposefully towards visionary goals. All of this builds chi and creates chi-flow.

Jost Sauer’s story

My first LSD trip was a beautiful spiritual experience. It satisfied the deepest desires of my soul. It was as if a filter had been removed and I saw everything as it really was, I wanted more of that.

From then on I chased that state through different drugs, hashish, mescaline, mushrooms, prescription pills, cocaine, amphetamines, but I never recaptured that perfect intoxicating mix of bonding, exhilaration and euphoria again, instead my quest led to speed-addiction, dingy squats, dealing and anarchism. I lost my passion to change the world and by the time I was 21, I hated life, I was ready to die.

I wanted to quit speed but every time I tried, I’d relapse. I turned to alcohol, often drinking in parks with other social outcasts until I blacked-out. It took me nearly 10 years to finally quit drugs, an entire decade of misery, paranoia, psychosis and suicidal depression. By the time I did quit, I was convinced that I was a failure, a loser, a hopeless addict, and that I’d never feel good again. Everyone around me confirmed this all the time. I was the blackest black sheep, the person who ruined all social occasions.

It took another decade to work out that I wasn’t a hopeless loser, that addiction is not a disease, that you can rebuild full physical and psychological and spiritual health after addiction. You can get to a place of peace, where you feel no shame about what you’ve done. I developed a system to rebuild your body (this means your organs in TCM) with chi and chi-flow, and then your mind and spirit follow.

It’s been decades since my first LSD trip, but people are still going through the same terrible relapse cycles and suffering the mental anguish of addiction. They are being told they are diseased and powerless for life. This is ridiculous, they are not diseased, they just don’t know how to quit. It’s like putting people who have never driven a car behind the wheel and then calling them diseased for running off the road.

The old recovery system was developed a century ago for very different society. Back then no one could have imagined the global boom in recreational drug use. Not in their wildest dreams would they have envisaged the normalisation of recreational drug use across every sector of society.

Its the 21st century, everything has changed, but the recovery industry has stayed the same. My mission is to bravely go where no person has gone before and spread a hopeful, inspirational and empowered new model of recovery. Show everyone how to quit, how to recover fast and how to use past experiences to benefit themselves, those around them, and ultimately all of humankind.

I began this mission by writing Higher and Higher, the whole story of my journey to addiction, including the good, the bad and the ugly, interwoven with how I discovered a new way to look at addiction. Available in all online bookstores as e-book and hardcopy.

Jost Sauer, Founder Urban Drug Rehab