chi-hab not rehab

Reading the Ice Times (aka Sunday Mail) about Tony Abbott’s new strategy of ‘dob in a dealer’. Really? Are we all in primary school? What a tragic waste of money the whole ice-task force is going to turn out to have been.

First, people take drugs because they want to feel awesome, dobbing-in and locking up a few low-level dealers is not going to change this, mandatory detoxing is not going to change this. We are not supposed to change this, we are destined to feel awesome and be extraordinary. Ice just activates what we already have. So I’ve decided to forget about running rehabs and start running Chi-habs, experiential chi-camps that show how to tap into this without drugs, this is not only prevention it’s reinvention, its remembering who and what we are. Going from drugs to chi, is how you make a drug past work for you.