Crystal meth / ice and feeling superhuman

The Sunday Mail really is the Ice-Times today headlining ‘A nation cursed by the evil of ice’. It describes the drug as pernicious and diabolical. This is the same old sensationalism we always get from the media. Ice is not good or bad, it just is. In my mind the interesting bits of the articles were the ice-user’s comments of feeling ‘untouchable’, ‘invincible’ or that ‘Ice unlocks the secrets of the mind and the body’.

These were included as an example of just how delusional and psychotic the drug makes you. The ‘superhuman’ strength people experience on ice was also dismissed as being the result of fear. But it’s not (in martial arts it is well-known that we only use 3% of what we are physically capable of). And it’s not delusional to think that ice / crystal meth can reveals secrets. All mood-and mind altering drugs allow access to the subconscious, or the cosmic consciousness. In traditional Chinese Medicine (in its proper sense) we all have the potential to be ‘superhuman’, our job is to progress from ordinary beings  to superhuman, but we don’t know this because we are ‘untrained’. I tell my ice-using clients (who are, btw, primarily professional, successful people) that the drug is like data or software, it’s like uploading a free trial of i-superman. You can’t wipe the memory of that, you have to unleash your inner superself again. Don’t need to wear the underpants on the outside, just understand that you have had a glimpse of what we are all capable of, and then train in chi techniques to get there again. If those experiences are written off as being recreational, wrongdoing or escapism, you miss the chance to launch a new superhuman quest.