How diet can help drug recovery

The Drug Recovery Diet

Food is an essential component in a successful drug recovery program, but it is usually ignored in mainstream recovery. If diet is considered at all, it is in the context of nutritional value.

But in Chinese Medicine food is medicinal and diet is about alchemy rather than isolating nutritional elements. In Chinese medicine we use ‘Fire’ to transform a substance (food) into energy (Chi).

We don’t isolate nutritional values, because Chi is superior to this. The idea is to use food to build chi. It’s a totally different approach to that of Western nutritional sciences, but it works magic. Drug users need all the magic they can get.

Lunch, for example, choose easily digestible meats such as high quality lamb or beef mince. Fry mince patties made with onions and spices such as dill. Or slow cook meat in juice made up of spices and onions as this builds Chi.

Add stir fry vegetables, using 75% greens e.g. broccoli or green beans, 25% orange or red e.g. capsicum, tomatoes, pumpkin, and then add some nice steamed white rice. Together these create the medicinal alchemy.

AVOID : Cold foods, raw foods and salads (unless it’s a nice warm salad). In Chinese medicine ‘Cold harms Kidney Root’ and drug user’s digestion is sensitive to ‘cold entering stomach’. Fruit one to two hours away from a main meal is OK.

Thats How diet can help drug recovery.

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