Don’t use your mind to quit drugs

Mainstream recovery is based on talk. First you have to talk yourself out of taking drugs (“no drugs today, no drugs today”), and then talk endlessly through the relationship dramas, sexual dysfunction, depression, psychosis, panic and anxiety that may arise afterwards, not to mention the endless probing into what went wrong.

The problem with all this talk is that the people who devised these logical talk-based therapies hadn’t spent years messing with their heads just for fun. Once you’ve done that your mind is no longer your servant. In fact it has become your enemy and asking your enemy for help is never a good idea.

So start by using your body to quit drugs. Work with medicinal food, therapeutic exercise, yoga and chi-gung – which all help to get the mind back into the body – as well as motivational counselling, and your mind will become your best friend and quitting will be easier and more successful.