Drug recovery and the Body Clock

There’s this new condition scientists have identified called ‘social jetlag’. It comes from messing with your body clock primarily by sleeping-in in the morning. This creates symptoms including lack of appetite, digestive problems, inability to concentrate, clumsiness, lack of energy, irritability and fatigue.

So even Western medicine understands that all bodily processes run to a daily timetable and that we need to follow this if we want to feel healthy and happy. As usual the Chinese were onto this thousands of years ago, but they took it way beyond Western thinking by connecting our internal body clock with what I call the cosmic clock – the 24 hour chi-cycle – which is where accessing natural altered states come into the picture. Drug-use takes you way out of alignment, forget a sleep-in, you might not even sleep for days at a time, so the symptoms are way worse than social jetlag. This is why routine and chi-cycle alignment is such a critical part of my recovery programs. Getting back in synch gives you a headstart on health and happiness, it makes the post-drug journey successful and satisfying.