Drug Rehab Testimonials

I came here not knowing what to expect or how the program would help me. I’m leaving with a positive mindset, belief in my ability to live better and direction on how to continue this journey. In short, I loved it! Rating 10/10 (September 2017)

I found the program amazing, it gives you the tools and strength to face the real world, and better yourself. Rating 10/ 10

Totally encompassing experience from start to finish. Staff are all experts in their fields. A life changing week! Rating 10+ / 10 Fantastic! (June 2016)

This program is truly intense but so valuable. I gained more insight and knowledge in a week than I had in many months in multiple other rehabs. You helped me understand myself and provided an in-depth explanation of my addictions that made a lot of sense. The program is amazing, as are the practitioner sessions that bring the theory of the program to action. Rating 10/10 (July 2016)

I arrived broken, lost, scattered and so unsure of so much. I am leaving healthier, happier, focused and excited about my life. Thank you for the education, nourishment and nurturing, and care and guidance. Rating 10+ / 10 Fantastic! (June 2017)

I’m not really a high marker however you must acknowledge such a well balanced intelligently planned program that is unique and light years ahead of anything else. Rating 10/10 (June 2017)

Thanks to the crew for your alternative, non-judgmental support. I felt very much at home with my ‘chi family’. Rating 10/10

Words just couldn’t begin to describe, thank you. Rating: more than 10/10 – Fantastic! (May 2016)

A positive, fun experience that helped my drug addiction and changed my life. Rating 10/10 (May 2016)

I found myself again. I now have to tools and clarity for better decision making on a daily basis. The practitioners and staff are outstanding! Rating 10/10 (May 2016)

As the owner of a successful construction company I was skeptical at best, 5 days later my life has been changed. Jost joins everything together in a way everyone can relate to and in a way that will change your life. If you’re thinking ‘I’m not sure’…. Do it! You won’t regret it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rating 12/10 (Feb 2016)

I’m me again! Thanks in wholeheartedness from me to all of you. I’m back to being this wonderous being that sees the good in everyone and everything. For the first time in a very long time, I see my future right in front of me for the taking! Rating 10+/10 (Jan 2016)

I’ve been to other rehab programs, never felt at ease and felt forced to go against myself and I am proud of who I am. I have experienced so much here and have learnt many skills. You will see real results. Rating 10/10 (Dec 2015)

I landed in Brissy scattered as, I was so cold, felt so worn out…drug f*&ked; Smoking a huge fat joint out the front of the airport, thinking about where I should use the crack pipe without being seen. Now back at the airport in that very same place, but after finishing your rehab program… I’m warm, clean, smiling :), clear minded, feeling sooo healthy & I’m all organised ready too continue on with my journey. Rating: 10 out of 10.

Got blood test results back today and I don’t have Hep C anymore. I owe it all to your program you probably added a extra 40 years on my life just from this alone, let alone all the other things you have taught me about my true nature, so it’s an extra 40 years of MEANINGFUL living with actual purpose in line with my true self. Your program is the secret to curing literally everything and anything and should be recognised world wide.

This program was for me one of the most life altering experiences. It furthermore developed my understanding of the energies, life forces and helped me to direct these to become whole and more balanced as a person. The drugs became a shadow and within a short time the chi I needed was getting me to a place that, for me, was divine. I could see and feel the wonder of life as if I were seeing from the eyes of a child”. Rating: 10 out of 10.

I was only here 10 days and it has made me feel so good. Definitely changed my life for the better. Thank you. Rating 9.5 out of 10.

Every aspect of being here has opened my eyes. I’m so grateful this journey can continue without the destruction of drug abuse. I’ve enjoyed every part of it and feel blessed to have spent time with such amazing people. Couldn’t think of a more amazing approach. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. Keep doing your thing. You’ve saved my life. I will continue to train and study and hopefully pass this along. Rating: 10 out of 10.

For the last 6 years, I drank a bottle of vodka and smoked 15 bongs each night, plus 3-day speed binges every couple of months. I got into excessive sex, which I felt really ashamed of later, but I couldn’t stop any of it. I went went to AA, NA counselling and psychologists and they all said I was an addict and alcoholic and needed rehab. I did a 12-step program but went back to booze and dope within days. A mate put me onto Jost Sauer’s book and within a day of reading it, I booked in to his rehab program. For the first time in my life, I understood who I was and why I was doing the drugs, the booze and the sex. I wasn’t made to feel bad or guilty, I was treated as if what I had been doing was perfectly normal. I’m back in control of my life now, addiction free and it feels great. Rating 10/10 (Dec 2015)

Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to all the team for the amazing work that you have done with my son. My personal thanks for changing our sons life forever. He is doing really well and now understanding himself a lot better. In a way I feel you all have saved his life. You have started a journey for him and to see him excited about his life is amazing. As a family our whole dynamics have changed and although we will always have our challenges we are coping so much better with the roll on effect changing all of us. Thank you for giving us such a brighter future.