Recovery Coaching

Our recovery coaching is tailored to suit each individual. It enables you to either hit the floor running after quitting, or takes you through a process of phasing out drug use while phasing in new sources of energy with the minimum interruption to your life.

We monitor psychological and physical health, answer questions on symptoms that arise, advise on interactions with family members who may have been affected by your drug or alcohol use, assist you to cut through emotionality and quickly address the following symptoms commonly associated with drug use:

Difficulty sleeping, restless sleep, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, dizziness, blurred vision, hypertension, breathlessness, irregular heart beat, dry mouth, headaches, muscle stiffness, sexual dysfunction, weak immunity, difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to light and sound, paranoia, hallucinations and confusion.

The majority of these can be corrected with a combination of high-powered nutritional supplementation programs (Orthomolecular therapy), acupuncture and remedial massage, Chinese herbal formulas, therapeutic exercise (cognitive embodiment), a structured recovery lifestyle, and dietary changes.

Our system breaks addiction and habits by targeting physical recovery from multiple angles. This restores psychological and emotional balance so you don’t get caught up in the reactive patterns and dramas with those around you. This is the great time-waster in mainstream recovery. We take clients through the process via weekly recovery coaching sessions by phone or in person, or with individualised programs which also include the entire range of therapeutic treatments.

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