PTSD Treatment Program

The Jost Sauer PTSD program improves symptoms, teaches skills to address symptoms and ways to cope if symptoms arise again, and helps clients feel better about themselves.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the therapeutic model underpinning the program. TCM treats the person not just the presenting symptom. The objective is for clients to go beyond suppressing emotions or symptoms, in the manner of allopathic medicine, and to understand and take control of their physical and emotional health.

The most successful way to treat psychological trauma is through the mind and the body. Our program utilises a unique combination of intensive counselling sessions and remedial holistic treatments.

Jost Sauer, conducts the counselling sessions. He has been working as a therapist for over 30 years, and is a registered acupuncturist, lecturer in Chinese Medicine and published author of numerous articles and seminal books on holistic health.

The Dream Catcher Retreat location (off the grid with no mobile or internet service) allows an intensive immersive therapeutic experience, and the psychological space requisite to review and absorb the deep personal insights arising from the therapeutic sessions.


PTSD counselling sessions for grief, anxiety and trauma. Assists clients process traumatic memories and change their reaction to traumatic memories so that they can learn to cope with it effectively.

Therapeutic treatments to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life include:

Remedial massage and acupuncture

Therapeutic yoga, breathing techniques and muscle relaxation skills for managing stress and anxiety

Nutritional counselling, dietary adjustment and Orthomolecular therapy (vitamin therapy) to build emotional stability

Personal training (personal trainers have expertise in the clinical application of exercise) or martial arts training to develop physical and emotional empowerment

Effective mindfulness and relaxation techniques 

Lifestyle plan to apply at home