How to stop sugar addiction

Caught a few minutes of The Biggest Loser where a group of people were being labelled, shamed, guilt-tripped for ‘losing control’ and basically being treated in the same judgmental shabby manner as drug users are. In TBL food is seen as the problem but in my work it has nothing to do with food, just as drug addiction has nothing to do with drugs.

In the moment of consuming a big slice of chocolate mud cake all obligations, expectations and beliefs are temporarily gone, it’s just ‘me and the cake’. This is a mother of a nurture, straight from spleen to heart, a powerful experience of ‘it’s me, I’m real, I’m home’. An eating addiction is an addiction to this, to a state, so instead of focussing on food / reducing calories, which just leads to relapse because the person will always be fundamentally unsatisfied, I show clients (of all addictions) how to become fundamentally soul-satisfied.