Ice and Peak Experiences

A lot of talk on mandatory detox after Jacqui Lambie’s comments, working in the field I totally understand her desperation, I see the pain drugs create in users and the emotional pain their actions create in others on a daily basis. But the pain results from the fact that ice-users have had what Mazlov called a ‘peak experience’, something so awesome you never forget it. Ice is delivering peak experiences on a level we’ve never seen before after which normal life is excruciatingly painfully boring, so you need ice to amp it up again. Eventually ice creates such massive chi depletion it puts people in an acute survival mode, of react or attack. But a mandatory detox won’t address the underlying issue. I see people who voluntarily detox and voluntarily go to rehab but endlessly relapse. The challenge is not to make detox mandatory but to make to make peak experiences mandatory.