Jing and Spiritual Invasion

Living Now Magazine, June 2006, Issue 85

Western scientists have recently ‘discovered’ that matter, or all known life including the galaxies and stars, only constitutes 4 percent of the universe, the remainder is composed of 74 percent dark energy (a force causing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate) and 22 percent dark matter. At this stage though it is unknown what dark energy and dark matter are. Ancient schools of thought, primarily Eastern in origin, also consider that the majority of the world or universe is unseen but this invisible territory has been mapped out. It is the realm of spirit, of other dimensions, of astral worlds. These astral universes host a myriad of life forms, good and bad, which are inaccessible to most of us most of the time. However, for some of us these other realms do become accessible at certain times either deliberately or accidentally.

There are many ways that this occurs but, based in my own personal and professional experience, recreational drug use and energy healing work can both lead to interaction with these other dimensions. In terms of recreational drug use though, I now think this interaction is negative. In the teachings of spiritual sages such as Sri Yukteswar it is stated that although pure-minded humans can glimpse good astral beings or worlds, drug use, which is forbidden by all scriptures, allows access to astral hells. I couldn’t accept this idea at first as in some of my own drug trips I saw or felt what I was sure were beautiful, sacred beings, but my research since then has led me to understand that the rules of engagement in the unseen worlds are totally different. The way things appear is not necessarily how they really are. As a recreational drug-user, particularly one seeking spiritual insight, you are a bit like a naïve tourist stumbling into the bad part of town, but it doesn’t look like the bad part of town, it looks like heaven peopled by wonderful beings. One of the interesting outcomes of the recent clinical study of the hallucinogen DMT (in which volunteers were administered the drug in a hospital environment) was that, apart from the fact that the majority of participants reported meeting ‘aliens’, who had been expecting them and then proceeded to ‘feast’ or experiment on them, many participants willingly offered themselves up to what they saw as loving beings. (Strassman, R. 2001, DMT: the spirit molecule, Park Street Press, Rochester, Vermont).

Just as the visible world has its mix of positive and negative, so too do the invisible worlds but it takes lifetimes of rigorous spiritual training to even start to distinguish between the two. I remember treating a patient who, unknown to me, had acquired a negative entity through some past action or practice. As soon as I united with the energy field of the patient I felt the sacred presence that often guides energy healing. I assumed that my patient had a high spiritual vibration and it inspired to work even more deeply, to give more. After the patient left though, I was overwhelmed by heaviness, nausea and an almost uncontrollable aggravation. I felt like screaming and smashing things. The next day I consulted my teacher, Bhai Sahib, who informed me that the sacred presence I felt at the beginning of the session wasn’t an indication of the patient’s spiritual state but rather a protection from a higher source as I was about to engage with a body which had a negative entity associated with it. It took years for me to get my head around that concept. Even the idea of drugs and the dark astral hells is a bizarre notion in the secular West (except for those who have had seriously bad drug trips), but recent medical studies appear to corroborate the idea from a totally different perspective. For example, investigations into teenage marijuana use have indicated that those teenagers who used cannabis only 5 times in their life significantly increased their chance of developing ‘symptoms’ such as hearing voices and suffering hallucinations (Courier Mail 03/12/04 p10) – the kind of symptoms that in other cultures might be termed spiritual invasion.

I believe that spiritual invasion is becoming a widespread phenomenon and will continue to increase as energy medicine rises and recreational drug use escalates beyond belief. We need to be prepared to deal with the issue. This was once the domain of religion but of all the thousands of patients I’ve treated in my time, I don’t recall any, myself included, who went to church. Mainstream religious institutions cannot cater to the 21st century culture of multi-generational drug-use and its linked desire to live beyond the confines of the materialistic world. As a result many people have turned to Eastern spiritual traditions for guidance but their teachings are often not aimed at Westerners brought up in a secular environment. I have found that a combination of spiritual studies, body, mind, spirit concepts and Traditional Chinese medicine provides a useful framework for interpreting and dealing with spiritual invasion. I see the issue as not necessarily a battle of good and evil, but rather a part of the endless cycling of Yin and Yang; an interaction of energetic forces, negative and positive. From this perspective, the core of ‘attack’ or invasion’ is connected to Jing – the force which creates life on earth. Jing provides us with enormous potential at birth but most of us are unaware of the value of this treasure and waste it through inappropriate sex, use of drugs, bad diet, incorrect thinking and action, and negative stress. However, once we become proactive about our life, take responsibility for ourselves and follow the path of self-mastery, subsequent constructive reincarnations enable us to master this precious force until we have evolved to co-create alongside the Creator.

Jing is a powerful force as it creates emotional, physical and spiritual development. It requires a code so that it can be worked with and this code is stored safely in the organs. As such it requires a physical dimension to access it. This may explain the enormous desire for souls to incarnate into the physical world. According to the Chi-gung Masters, in the astral worlds Jing is inaccessible for anyone other than God. This means that the negative entities that aren’t allowed to incarnate in the physical world due to past negative actions desire to access the Jing from souls who were allowed to receive a body. Unprepared healers are a target as they are ‘open’, but also those who seek spiritual fulfilment by drugs. This is because while the drug is in circulation, the code of the Jing is open (in order to create the altered state) and is therefore freely available. Other targets are human interactions ruled by violence, fear and blood (as blood and fear also provide easy access to the Jing). Furthermore, as Jing is stored in semen in men, an environment where violence, drugs, fear and semen are equally present is particularly attractive to negative entities. Pathologically violent and angry people who draw upon their Jing to fuel their strength and power are temporarily open to invasion as well. However as their actions prematurely release their Jing, in the long term their violence damages themselves more then their victims. They exploit their Jing at an accelerated rate and shorten their life expectancy.

Regardless of how it occurs, once an entity or spirit is ‘in’, it is hard work to shift it. The weaker the Will of the invaded person, the longer and easier it is for the spirit to access the Jing. This is because if Jing and Blood is weak, your mind wanders off, you are scattered and prone to invasion and ill-health. The stronger and healthier you are the less the damage and the quicker you recover. To protect and strengthen yourself, nurture and protect your Jing and build your Blood. The following, based on decades of my own research and practice is a good model to follow to build Jing, Chi and Blood.

  • Rise before 6am
  • Undertake a daily practice consisting of stretching, meditation, endurance and weight training. (muscles control Spleen, and Spleen builds Blood).
  • Have a warm solid breakfast minimum 2hrs, maximum 3hrs after rising. (porridge with protein powder is ideal).
  • Have a big lunch between 12pm to 1.30pm. Asian-style meals of rice, protein and vegies are good. Sandwiches, salads or fruits are not recommended.
  • Have a simple dinner. (vegetable and rice dishes are great)
  • Take herbs and high potency supplements (seek professional advice for this)
  • Daily development of artistic, creative or musical skills to create joy & love.

As this list indicates, diet is one of the most crucial factors in building Blood, particularly protein intake. All of my patients who had spiritual attack problems were protein deficient and I advise identifying your minimum daily requirements via a qualified professional such as a naturopath and then making sure you meet this goal on a daily basis. Whether you are an energy therapist, a healer, someone sensitive to energies or someone who has depleted yourself via any means, it is important to eat lots of hearty meals which provide food for your Blood and nurture your Jing. Having lectured in TCM for a decade and trained many therapists I have noticed that people are often attracted to the healing profession after having experienced destruction in some form or another. They commit themselves to live in accord with the highest spiritual truth, and for most this includes following a vegan or vegetarian diet. These may be appropriate for gurus but most gurus are predicted births and are guided by teachers at a very young age to preserve and to protect their Jing. These gurus can function effectively on a simple diet as they have developed strong Jing and Blood over many years. This is often not appropriate for Westerners who have created major organ imbalances via inappropriate lifestyle practices, such as sex, drugs and stress, or for energy workers who have done a lot of healing which depletes Jing and Blood. For us the path begins with building a solid foundation able to withstand attack. Spiritual attack as such is a part of life, after all earth is a warrior planet, but the ultimate battle is with ourselves and it should be a ‘joyous battle’. Living in a certain way and being prepared for attack enables us to limit the damage of invasion and, like on any battlefield, a good diet, strength, focus, strong will and correct attitude and thinking will assist victory.

Copyright © Jost Sauer 2006

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