Life After Partying

Just watched the Australian movie Ruben Guthrie. It wasn’t a particularly great movie but it was interesting because the main character was a hard partying high-achiever, who was using drugs and alcohol to sustain his success and feed that part of his nature that loved living on the edge.

Once he decides to quit, life changes. The movie goes on to reveal the common dilemma of ‘where do I fit in after I quit’. What to do when confronted with emptiness and everyone telling you that your raging lifestyle, that felt so right and resonated with your true nature was, all along, just the symptom of a disease. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t really resolve the dilemma. But you can create a lifestyle that keeps you on the path of intensity and matches a Yang nature without booze and drugs, and without mentioning the word ‘disease’. This is what we work with at Gaia retreat centre. I should make Ruben Guthrie The Sequel, to follow the character on that journey!