LSD back in therapeutic use soon

The extraordinary impact of LSD on the brain has been revealed by the first modern scans of people taken while they were high on the drug.

The scans revealed that the trippers drew information from many parts of their brains, rather than just the usual visual cortex, but they also discovered what parts of the brain disconnect to create what they call ‘ego dissolution’, or what we call cosmic connectedness.

LSD back in therapeutic use soon Urban Drug RehabThe researchers are excited that this will open up the possibility of using LSD in a therapeutic context again which has been banned since the 60s due to the hippies enthusiasm for altered states ).

But as psychedelic explorers know, LSD is not what you’d call dependable in the long term. Bad trips are always a possibility. And maybe when the laboratory safe version does come out it will have lost some of its magic.

Our rehab programs show how to get therapeutic benefit from past psychedelic drug experiences in our workshop sessions, and also how to create that feeling of cosmic connectedness and altered states in our practical chi sessions. This is the therapy of the future.

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