Marijuana and meditation

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the USA, but people aren’t buying dope they are buying the way it makes you feel; laid-back calm, happy and connected. In TCM this all comes from free-flowing chi in your organs.


But the drug exploits your inner resources to create these feelings which is why it eventually creates side-effects and stops delivering such good highs – if it didn’t I’d write books on how to live happily ever after on marijuana.

But you can use special meditation techniques to get the same laid-back calmness & happiness of marijuana, plus the states that other drugs, that won’t be legalized any time soon can deliver, like the love & connection of ecstasy, the uber clarity & action of amphetamines and the psychedelic adventures of acid!

Dope introduced many of us to chi and I reckon chi-hubs and meditation are the next boom industry. All we have to do is make the connection.