Supplements can heal post drug depression


Depression, addiction and nutritional supplements

Depression is a common side-effect of addiction and it contributes to relapse. People quit drugs and then instead of ‘returning to normal’ they find themselves feeling empty and depressed.

This happened to me and it brought me close to suicide. If only I’d known then what I do now about the power of nutraceuticals – of Chinese herbs and nutritional supplements. See, nutrient depletion is a major contributor to depression and addicts and alcoholics are nutrient deprived. If you are an addict, drugs create the impression that all your needs have been met. This is a major attraction of getting high.

But it means that you don’t feel the need to eat (getting the munchies on marijuana is different). Then, after you quit, the drugs have had a negative impact on your digestion so it’s hard to eat.

When you do eat you will be attracted to foods that seem to require little effort. Fast foods and takeaways rather than nutritious meals.

Food creates life so basically you are continually eroding your life force, the outcome is suicidal depression.

Nutrient saturation can change all of this immediately. Even mainstream science is starting to see this.

Numerous studies show that taking supplements can improve mood. I use a range of products in recovery work and always combine the knowledge of the east and the west, of Chinese medicine – herbs – and western nutrition – vitamins and superfoods.

A recent study focussing on the combination of supplements and antidepressants found they increased the effectiveness of the drug. But I would think that it’s the supplements doing the work rather than supplements in combination with anti-depressants.


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