Orthomolecular recovery: the new frontier

Orthomolecular therapy, sometimes called orthomolecular psychiatry or mega-vitamin therapy, is one of the quickest, easiest and most natural ways to treat and heal addiction.

Addiction is the inability to stop relapsing. People relapse because guilt, anxiety, paranoia, emotional reactivity, depression, confusion, insomnia, fear and shame, on top of physical aches and pain, make life without drugs or alcohol feel utterly unbearable. If no one had these symptoms, there would be no addiction. Our Orthomolecular Recovery uses intense doses of top quality natural nutritional and dietary supplements to eliminate all these physical and emotional symptoms, as well as cravings.

Recreational drugs deliver instant results and we match that functionality and power in our Orthomolecular Recovery program. This is a key part of our 5 day residential rehab program but we also offer it as an individual service. The results are mind-blowing. It targets the following: