Ten Things You Got Right On Drugs

I don’t like the word ‘sobriety’, it sounds dull and lifeless. If that’s all you have to look forward to its no wonder people relapse. I reckon we should use ‘extraordinary’ as the state we want to achieve after quitting drugs or alcohol. I don’t like the use of ‘clean’ – meaning being off drugs – either. Saying you are ‘clean’ suggests that what you did before was unclean, but this is yet another outdated concept. You may have had some profound life-altering experiences on drugs and this is an asset if you use those experiences as a template for something you want to achieve again without drugs.


  • Here’s what you got right while being high for example:
  • You see everyone as your friend, your buddy, you feel love
  • You are naturally compassionate and caring about others
  • You don’t criticize, judge or tell people what they should be doing
  • You don’t gossip, or spread rumors
  • You wish everyone only the best
  • You are happy to ‘be’
  • You know there is more to life than normal ‘reality’
  • You know who you are, what you want and why you are here
  • You are free
  • You are truly yourself

There are an estimated one billion drug-users on the planet now, if all of them recaptured everything on that list without the drugs just imagine where we could go. The world would change and I reckon that’s what this drug-epidemic is all about. Join the chi-revolution now and lets make it happen.