Practitioner Training

Jost Sauer recovery system training

Do you have a drug and alcohol rehab and want to increase your competitive edge by including holistic elements? Urban Drug Rehab offers leading-edge training in the Jost Sauer Recovery System. We teach the key holistic therapies that are effective for addiction recovery.

Learn how to break addiction cycles with a replacement lifestyle that builds the body, clarifies the mind and reconnects people to purpose. Get the training to ensure your clients leave detoxed, drug and alcohol free, re-energised, empowered and armed with the insights, skills-sets and techniques to handle cravings, avoid relapse, repair relationships and have a future worth looking forward to.

  • Remedial Recovery Massage
  • Recovery Acupuncture System
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Rehab Training Package

We train rehab staff in intensive workshops, and we provide one-to-one training for practitioners wanting techniques to help clients with addiction issues. Contact Brett Pascoe, Manager, to discuss the best training for your needs. 1300 815 855